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Specializing in the breeding and development of

Welsh and Hunter Competition Ponies for Children 

Sparkleberry Ponies at Crying Coyote Farm is proud to announce the development of our new comprehensive horseback riding program for children. Focused on educating in 2-12 year old's, Sparkleberry Ponies Riding Academy offers a unique holistic approach to introducing children to horsemanship and riding.


“Riding and caring for ponies offer young children the opportunity to not only learn a traditional sport but to develop problem-solving skills and meet goals. They learn; responsibility, patience, empathy, focus, endurance, teamwork and assertiveness. Equestrian disciplines educate beyond typical sports as they require a child to not only learn crucial social skills but also to commit to the care of living animal.

"This is the riding program that I wanted to create for my grandchildren to learn to be stewards to our cherished horses and ponies", Meredith van Benthuysen, Owner, Crying Coyote Farm, LLC.

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Breeding and Developing Top Show Ponies and Riders

Operating at Crying Coyote Farm in Dade City, Sparkleberry Ponies is focused on breeding and identifying elite ponies and developing them into exceptional show ponies through the best training, fitting and promotion.With the addition of Champion Welsh Pony stallions, Cherubs Casanova and *Llanarth Royalty to our roster, we expanded our services at Crying Coyote Farm to include the breeding, development and promotion of sport and show ponies.

Garnering great success with our ponies at top venues throughout the country, we raised our goals again to include providing exemplary education for young riders. Sparkleberry Ponies Riding Academy was established to mentor children in comprehensive horsemanship. Going far beyond riding lessons, our structured educational program offers children the foundation to become elite equestrian athletes, cultured in the sports of riding Hunters and Jumpers and stewards to their horses and ponies.


Our Location

Sparkleberry Ponies at

Crying Coyote Farm

37351 Bailey Hill Road

Dade City, FL  33525

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